“The Aspiring Actor’s Handbook tells it like it is... what it takes to live the life of an actor. More than just talent - it takes guts. Be prepared. Know what's ahead in this life you've chosen. Knowledge is power. Read the book. Enjoy the journey. Good luck.”
Bryan Cranston, Star of “Breaking Bad”

“This book can absolutely create more harmony and love for the " show business" you want to be a part of. I wish I had had this advice and discernment when I was starting out, and will certainly share it with my daughter entering the business.”
Dee Wallace , Actress played the Mom in the film “ET”

“The Aspiring Actor's Handbook is full of wisdom, humor and honesty. More importantly, it shows that there is a place of success for actors between the "starving" actor and the "star".
Donald Petrie: Director, Miss Congeniality, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Grumpy Old Men, Mystic Pizza

“A must read not only for any actor starting a professional career but also for the veteran actor. This collection of voices from the community of working actors offers frank advice and inspirational anecdotes. Acting can be a lonely profession, but with this book in hand you’ll never feel alone.”
Jan Bina, Actress, Acting Teacher & Writer

“A darn good read for anyone contemplating life as an actor.”
Penny Peyser, Actress / Producer

“The book is absolutely awesome and I am so proud to have been chosen to be in the company of your brilliance and all of these amazing women!!!! Thank you for including me!!! You guys are not only talented and beautiful but a force of love and goodness!!!!!!”
Sherry Hursey, Actress /Producer

"The Aspiring Actor's Handbook is like spending a wonderful afternoon with a group of caring professionals who bring you into their inner circle of show business and give you a glimpse of the good, the bad, and the many surprising possibilities in between that come with choosing a career as an actor. Like the big sisters we wish we'd all had when starting out in the business, Debbie Zipp and Molly Cheek encourage young actors to ask the tough questions, face the stark realities, and still hold onto their dreams with integrity and individuality. This is a book filled with personal stories, advice, suggestions, hope, and a deep understanding of that mysterious force that drives us to become actors and live our dreams against all odds.”
Elizabeth Browning, Actress, Noted New York Acting Coach and Film Producer of “The Face”

“I love how Zipp & Cheek often disagree! I love the opinions of the other wonderful actresses. I love how they write about the logical but not always obvious aspects of it being a business, having balance and it being not just a career but a lifestyle.  It felt like I was having a conversation with old friends. Two thumbs up!”
Mariko Ballentine, 30 yr veteran of casting, teaching, speaking, and now theatrical agent at Minc Talent

“Just finished your book; loved it! Right from the beginning I was struck by the parallels between becoming an actor and starting a company. I hadn’t thought about it, but actors are entrepreneurs. You need many of the same traits to succeed. Both actors and entrepreneurs are starting from scratch with nothing and will need to be very persistent. I tell all the wanna-be entrepreneurs I mentor that unless you have the drive, stick to it-ness , and passion you won’t make it. Bryan Cranston is right; “it takes guts”. Actors and entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time getting rejected by other people. Actors audition for jobs; entrepreneurs pitch for money. It’s very stressful. They both need to develop alligator skin and keep a positive outlook.”
Stu Benton, Head of Soundview Partners Entrepreneur and Venture Investor, Owner of Soundview Partners

If you know a young person who has visions of stardom dancing in their heads, here is the perfect gift – The Aspiring Actors Handbook. Debbie Zipp and Molly Cheek (both of whom boast extensive TV and film credits) not only provide their experience and wisdom, but they asked 20 other veteran actors to contribute their real-world advice. Debbie says, “It’s the advice from the big sisters we wished we’d had.” (Read the complete review here)
Reviewed by The Three Tomatoes Book Shelf

“In a world and a tradition that says actors starting out, or starting over, must be beaten down by reality checks and discouragement, with their hearts ripped out, to teach them the harshness of the "real world", this book is a welcomed and needed different drummer. Without sugar-coating anything, it gives by example and affirmation, hope that if you feel called to perform that you aren't crazy and there is a way, your own way, to succeed. I think anyone with a passion and a dream (not just actors) would find the book inspirational and heartening. There is plenty of solid, practical advice for actors, but singers, athletes, artists, writers, someone wanting to be a veterinarian - anywhere the competition stiff and the work hard, will feel empowered. Debbie and Molly have written an easy-to-read and comprehend guide with soul-felt encouragement to all of us. To their credit, there is nothing grating, condescending or patronizing in tone or fact. If you know someone in need of a little positiveness, someone graduating school, or just launching themselves into the wide world, this book would be a blessing as a gift, even to yourself.”
Ann Hearn Tobolowsky, Actress

The Aspiring Actor’s Handbook – Good mentoring advice from performers who have succeeded – #bookreview (Read the complete review here)
Reviewed by Si Dunn, Books, Books & More (New) Books

"It's good to know there is a resource to show fledgling actors that there are many paths to a successful and fulfilling career."
Howard Murray, director / The Big Bang Theory